View のショートカットキーを登録する話。 たとえば、スラストレバーを真ん中にした View とか、EFIS Map を真ん中にした View とか、そういう View を表示させるホットキーを設定できるという話。

The Views – Updates to a very important system

Currently, you get 10 QL views per aircraft and they’re saved/recalled anytime you switch aircraft.
The QL keys are number-pad 0-9 by default.
So for example, to recall QL3, just press the 3 on your number pad.
To save a view to QL3, just get the view the way you like it, then press CONTROL + Num-pad 3.
CONTROL is the default modifier key to do memorisation.

-_- Note: MacBook has no number-pad. Try CONTROL + 3.

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first posted: 2016-09-25 07:08:00
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