I want to use twm instead of quartz-wm.


(i) Run X11 in Mac OS X with XQuartz

(ii) Create your .xinitrc

% echo "exec twm" >> ~/.xinitrc
% set path=(/usr/X11/bin $path)

(iii) Launch /Application/Utilities/XQuartz.app




twm with a classic maroon colour scheme:

    # maroon
    BorderColor "slategrey"
    DefaultBackground "maroon"
    DefaultForeground "gray85"
    TitleBackground "maroon"
    TitleForeground "gray85"
    MenuBackground "maroon"
    MenuForeground "gray85"
    MenuTitleBackground "gray70"
    MenuTitleForeground "maroon"
    IconBackground "maroon"
    IconForeground "gray85"
    IconBorderColor "gray85"
    IconManagerBackground "maroon"
    IconManagerForeground "gray85"

uxterm - X terminal emulator for Unicode (UTF-8) environments

man uxterm

uxterm is a wrapper around the xterm(1) program that invokes the latter program with the "UXTerm" X resource class set.

To change the fonts uxterm uses, edit the /etc/X11/app-defaults/UXTerm file.


As with most X applications, xterm can be customized via global X resources file (e.g. /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTerm), per-user resource files (e.g. ~/XTerm; ~/.Xresources) or command-line arguments.

While the name of the program is xterm, the X resource class is XTerm. The uxterm script overrides this, using the UXTerm resource class.

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