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Recent changes

2015/11/08 - AutoGate kit 1.62
Added 12m, 13m & 14m “short” jetways.
Improvements to human marshallers - “too far” indication and reduced LOD model.
Added 10m, 12m & 14m standalone marshallers.
2015/07/20 - SeaTraffic 1.30
New small foot ferry (used in ~2300 routes) and small vehicle-carrying ferry (used in ~1400 routes).
Support for replacing the plugin's default ship models.
2015/07/06 - SeaTraffic 1.20
Updated route database with ~1200 more routes.
New vehicle-carrying river ferry (used in ~600 routes) courtesy of Roy Leonard.
2015/05/24 - GroundTraffic 1.51
Fix for running on case insensitive file systems (i.e. Linux).
Debug route paths are drawn in the Local Map.
Register DataRefs with Data Ref Tool.

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