X-Plene Multiplayer

X-Plane10 "64 bit" でマルチプレーヤーネットワークの選択肢はプラグインの関係で IVAO Network (“IVAN”) しかなかったんですね。
32 bit なら X-FlightServer Network や VATSIM Network もありますが。
X-Plane.org の fly-in イベントが X-FlightServer Network を使うのは文化的な理由によると思います。

Well, first of all, you don't have to do any exams etc. to become higher in rank on the Org Server. This server is purely for fun and can be very lax or realistic depending on how you want it. You can organize events on it without having to contact anyone or making begging! This server can be anything you want it to be, just have fun!
---- What makes the X-Plane.org Server different from IVAO or VATSIM?

フライインとは時刻と空港を決めておいて、ヴァーチャルに空港へ集まるイベントです。週末におこなわれることから、the weekly fly-ins などど呼ばれます。X-Plane.org の fly-in は開催日だけ決めて時間は決めないという自由さユルさが特徴です。時間をきっちり決めちゃうと世界中のあちこちから集いにくいですね。

X-Plane の仲間たち (fellow virtual aviators) が飛んでいるのを見ながら飛べます。 翼を左右にロールさせて挨拶するとかね。これがなかなかオツです。 イベントとまでいかなくても、フェローに「今晩、XX時XX分に RJOS の ramp にいるよ。見つけてね。待ってます(ハート)」とかメッセージを twitter なんかで送っておくということもできます。来てくれないと、さみしいんですが。そういう遊び。

Start each flight on ramp

"Start X-Plane as usual, but please make sure that you are not on a runway before you continue (people tend to get very angry if you are logging in while being on the runway). "

X-Plane を ramp start に設定しておきましょう。マナーです。
Settings > Operations & Warnings > Startup > "start each flight on ramp"

Q: What is X-IvAp?

A: IVAO X-PLANE CLIENT. X-Plane plugin for IVAO network.

https://ivao.aero/softdev/X-IvAp/generalinfo.htm X-IvAp is an X-Plane plugin for the global online flight simulation network of IVAO. It allows X-Plane users to fly online with other flight simmers and real live air traffic control, provided by real people. X-IvAp follows the philosophy and design of IvAp for FS and implements all its vital features, like full integration into the aircraft panel (you don't even have to show the plugin), improved IVAO weather system, flight plan changing by ATC and many more. Like all IVAO software, X-IvAp is free and can be used by anyone.

Q: What is XSquawkBox?

A: VATSIM X-PLANE CLIENT. X-Plane plugin for VATSIM network.

http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xsb/about/ XSquawkBox is an X-Plane plugin for online flight simulation network called VATSIM (http://vatsim.net). It allows X-Plane users to fly on a global flight simulation network with other flight simmers and real live air traffic control. With XSquawkBox you will see other planes and receive real air traffic control instructions, possibly by voice (using voice-over-IP technology), possibly with text instructions.

https://ivao.aero/softdev/X-IvAp/generalinfo.htm There is a second plugin available for the same purpose - XSquawkBox (XSB) by Ben Supnik. XSB currently works on IVAO and VATSIM, but that is going to change in the future. The technical differences between the two networks are already considerable and are going to increase even further in the future, so it will be impossible for Ben to support both networks in one same program. In fact, this is why X-IvAp was created in the first place: to ensure the availability of a pilot client for X-Plane that works on IVAO. XSB and X-IvAp have a lot in common, for example the multiplayer code for XSB is being used in X-IvAp. Also, X-IvAp will implement the XSB SDK in the future, so that third party plugins that cooperate with XSB also work with X-IvAp.

Flight Operations


Weekly fly-ins


How to get started flying online


X-FlightServer 64bit plugin goes public beta


http://www.x-flightserver.net/beta/ X-IvAp 64-bit Beta Test. DOES NOT WORK AT IVAO OR VATSIM ! It is strictly forbidden to try to connect to these two networks! Limited support at the moment!

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