CSR = corporate social responsibility

Q: How would you describe your project, "ClassicTennisParty"?

A: A search for beautiful tennis.

Q: When your title was classic tennis evangelist and activist at GothicTennis, what were your responsibilities? (Recruiters are more likely to reach out to members with a job description.)

A: My responsibility includes... Creating shared value, policies, motives, principles, サービスの開発, 資質・技能・能力の向上, テニスとの関わり方やクラシックテニスの美しさと楽しさについて学べるサークルの運営,

Q: Do you have any published articles, studies, conference presentations, or other work? (Publications are a great way to show off your professional accomplishments.)

A: I haven't any publications yet. My published articles: http://artrec.homeunix.com/news/classiclog/search?q=テニス

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first posted: 2015-03-16 15:09:27
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