Audacity を使って mp4 ファイルから CD を作る

000. mp4 から m4a を作る

QuickTime Player: "File"
> "Export"
  Format: "Audio Only"
  Click "Export"

00. m4a から AIFF を作る

iTunes: "Preferences"
> "General"
  Click "Import Settings"
  Import Using: "AIFF Encoder"
iTunes: 曲を RMB
> "Create AIFF Version"
(RMB = Right Mouse Button)

0. AIFF を Audacity で Import する

メニュー: "File" > "Import"

1. 曲の範囲をセレクション

オーディオトラック: LMB でドラッグしてセレクション
(オーディオトラック = 音の波形のウィンドウ)
(LMB = Left Mouse Button)

2. セレクションにラベリング

メニュー: "Tracks" > "Add Label At Selection"
(ラベルトラック = オーディオトラックの下のウィンドウ)
(ラベル名 = 曲のタイトル)

メニュー: "File" > "Save Project"

3. すべて選択

メニュー: "Edit" > "Select" > "All"

4. 曲毎にエクスポートする

メニュー: "File" > "Export Multiple…"
  Split files based on: Labels
  Name files: Numbering before Label
Click "Export"

あとは iTunes で読み込んで
playlist にして burn でオッケー。

参考: Audacity のマニュアル (わかりにくい -_-)

Mark the first song

1. Click the button "Skip to Start"

2. Click on the menu
  "Tracks" > "Add Label At Selection"

  A new label is created
    in a new label track
    underneath the audio track.

  The contents of the label are selected
    and ready for editing.

  If you need to play the track to decide
    where to place the split points,
    you can use instead
      "Add Label At Playback Position"

3. Type the title of the first song

4. Click near the beginning of the second song

5. Repeatedly click the Zoom In button
  The Zoom In tool until you can see
  just the first few seconds of the song

6. Click as closely as possible to the start of the song

7. Click on Tracks > Add Label at Selection, or use shortcut CTRL + B

8. Type the name of the song into the label

9. Repeatedly click the Zoom Out button The Zoom Out tool
  until you can see the start of the third song

10. Continue in this manner adding a label
  to mark the start of each song

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