Activate your layers,
channel, desire, willpower,
and action will be taken.

Blender is not the kind of software.
It's like flying an airplane.


Briefing: 3D Cockpits with XPlane2Blender

- X-Plane 3D cockpits are just normal scenery objects.
- Only objects in “Blender layer 1” are exported.
- Put objects in “Blender layer 4” for reference.
- Save “.blender” in the same folder as “.acf”.
- Keep the fuselage as a starting point.
- Use a texture: UV Editor > Image > Replace


(0) Install XPlane2Blender for Blender 2.7x.
(1) Launch Blender 2.7x.
(2) Activate X-Plane Layers.
(3) Assign a material.
(4) Add a texture.
(5) Unwrap objects.
(6) Export to OBJ8 File Format.

Must Know

One object, one texture.
One texture per OBJ file.
One layer as a single OBJ file.
Layers act as "X-Plane Layers".
Objects need materials.
The material first! Then the texture.
The first material will be exported.
The texture will not be used for export.

Take-off Procedure

How to export OBJ (X-Plane object)
1. Learn Blender
2. Learn OBJ8 File Format
3. Activate X-Plane Layers
4. Assign a material
5. Check your Normals
6. Add a texture
7. Unwrap objects
8. Export to OBJ8 File Format

How to add X-Plane Layers

Properties Window > Scene Tab > X-Plane:
Click "Add X-Plane Layers"
Click "Layer 1"
Check Export

Input name
Name: cockpit

Input texture file name
Default: //cockpit.png
Normal Specular:

Check Cockpit
(if OBJ is the cockpit Object)

Input Levels of detail
(if OBJ is not the cockpit Object)

Level of detail 1
Near: 0
Far: 1000
Level of detail 2
Near: 1000
Far: 5000
Level of detail 3
Near: 5000
Far: 60000

Input Cockpit regions
(if OBJ is the cockpit object)

Check Materials
(layers must have a material)

XPlane2Blender will not export
objects without a material.
Check if the objects
within that layer
all have a material assigned.

Check Normals

Edit Mode
> Hit N key over the viewport
> Mesh Display
Normals: 'Display face normals as lines'

How to assign a material
To create a new material for the object

Properties panel
> Material tab
> New

Important material settings

Look at these three options:
- Name it first!
 (Material Datablock Name)
- Pick the base colour!
 (diffuse colour)
- Change the amount of shininess!
 (Specular Intensity)
XPlane2Blender error
ERROR: Mesh: No Material found.

How to assign a texture

The texture(s) will only be visible
on objects that are UV unwrapped.

Unwrap all your objects before export.

Material textures are ignored.
One texture is applied to the OBJ file.

Scene > X-Plane panel

How to UV Unwrap

The Most Basic Blender Interface Advice Possible

One hand on the mouse, one hand on the keyboard.

Use the factory settings

"Select with RMB" = Right Mouse Button selects in the 3D view.

Q: File > User Preferences > Input > Mouse > Select With: Left or Right?
A: "Select With Right (RMB)" is recommended for learners in Blender (while working through tutorials).

Must Read

Using Blender2.4 to create X-Plane scenery objects (Select With LMB Style)

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