Record Computer Audio Setting

ScreenFlow をバージョンアップしたら Record Computer Audio のチェックを忘れずに。 初期値はオフ。一度オンにしたら設定は保持される。バージョンアップしたら設定が初期値になるかも。注意。

Configure Recording Window

[on] Record Computer Audio

Choose this option to record all sounds played through your computer. 
The ScreenFlow audio driver must be installed to use this setting. 
If the driver is not installed, you are prompted to install it.

Computer Audio Driver

the Mac App Store version of ScreenFlow には Audio Driver が含まれている(はず)。 the Mac App Store version ではない場合、 本体とは別に ScreenFlow Audio Driver をダウンロードしてインストールする必要がある。

Audio Driver がインストールされてるかどうかを調べる。

ScreenFlow > Preferences > Advanced

Computer Audio: [Uninstall Driver]

Click to install or uninstall ScreenFlow’s computer audio driver, 
which is required for recording computer audio. 

If you purchased ScreenFlow through the App Store, 
the computer audio driver is installed automatically.

Customer Center : ScreenFlow Audio Driver

Enable computer audio recording in ScreenFlow 4.5.2:

Download the free Audio Driver
to enable recording of computer audio directly
into the Mac App Store version of ScreenFlow 4.5.2.

ScreenFlow Audio Driver 4.5.2

Please note:
This driver will only be used by ScreenFlow
and can be removed at any time
by using the following steps:
Quit ScreenFlow
Remove /System/Library/Extensions/TelestreamAudio.kext
Restart your Mac

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