Where the .scc is?

% sudo find / -name '*.scc'

unix ユーザーは Spotlight なんか使いません。find を使います。

unsaved の path はこんなかんじでしょう。

Autosave Information/
Unsaved ScreenFlow Document.screenflow/

現在のバージョンでは Save せずに Quit すると必ず聞いてきます。

Do you want to save the changes made to the document “Untitled”?
Your changes will be lost if you don’t save them.
[Don't Save] [Cancel] [Save]

Don't Save をクリックすると Unsaved ファイルは残らない。

昔のバージョンは Save せずに Quit するとなにも聞かずに unsaved file を消していた。

Does ScreenFlow have a temporary file folder? http://forum.telestream.net/forum/messageview.aspx?catid=42&threadid=5042

The .scc file sometimes remains in the root directory of the scratch disk designated in preferences (usually your boot drive unless you've changed it) but ScreenFlow often deletes it if the project quits before being saved. This has been improved greatly though in ScreenFlow 2.1 where there's less risk of running into what you've experienced. There had been a few issues which would result in the bug you've experienced. ---- CraigS Telestream Desktop Forum Moderato

ScreenFlow4UserGuide.pdf page 36

Note: ClipsrecordedbyScreenFlowaresavedinaproprietaryScreenFlowformat, with a .scc extension, and referred to as screencast files. Screencast files can only be utilized by ScreenFlow. Because screencast files are automatically and transparently managed by ScreenFlow, you rarely ever encounter them or have to deal with them.

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