X-Plane 10

Settings / Operations & Warning

Flight-Model per frame: 2

2 is OK for most situations,
more may be needed
for fast, light, or small aircraft
or low frame rate!

X-Plane runs one or more flight models for each display frame.

In every flight model, X-Plane integrates the forces on the airplane to compute new speed and position.

The flight model is only accurate when the changes are relatively small, so that the resulting forces can accurately track the changes in the flight situation.

One flight model per frame is adequate for a slow handling heavy.

But if you're flying small, quick handling airplane or a supersonic jet, you need a higher rate of flight models to track the airplane's behaviour.

If you have a low display frame rate because you have a slow computer or you have your scenery options cranked way up, you must run multiple flight models per display frame so the flight model can keep up.

If you see rapid oscillation in flight, or the airplane suddenly tumbles out of control at high speed, or it slides or jumps uncontrollably on the ground, the flight model is not keeping up and you need to increase the flight models per frame setting.

フラッター問題が起きるときは flight models per frame を 2 or 3 に上げてみるといい。 amount of velocity changes per frame が小さくなって具合よろし。 でもそのぶん CPU の仕事が増えるので、全体的な処理速度は落ちるけれど、フライトモデルの計算は緻密になるので、変な飛びや動きがなくなるということなんだろうと思う。だから flight models per frame の数を無駄に大きくするのも問題あるということね。2 が推奨。アクロバット機とか、超軽量機とか、超高速機とかは、3 にするとよいということね。


To get a clean flight model cleaned from all disturbances (aircraft bouncing on the ground for exemple), it is also recommended to set the «Settings/Operations and Warnings/Flight Model Per Frame» menu to 2 or 3.

X-Plane 9 の頃は 1 がデフォルトだった。X-Plane 10 では 2 がデフォルトになった。「最近の CPU の処理速度が速くなっているので 2 をデフォルトにしても大丈夫かも」という判断がなされたと思われます。

X-Plane 9

Settings / Operations & Warnings


flight models per frame: 1

1 is recommended.
2 or more may be needed
for very fast, light, small aircraft
if you are flying at low framerate!
Flight Model

The flight models per frame control is
used to double sample the simulator’s
calculations on the aircraft’s flight.

This is only needed when flying quick,
light, small aircraft,
which may accelerate beyond the rate
at which X-Plane can keep up
when running at a low frame rate.

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