X-Plane10 の Plane-Maker で mice body は export as obj して misc object として attach するのが筋。

この筋が関係してくるのは特にギアドア。Plane-Maker からギアドアは完全に廃止された。 ギアドアはオブジェクトでやってくださいというビジョンをぴしっと通した。 たしかにギアドアは中途半端だったので、このデシジョンは当然だと思う。 しかしそれならボディマウントのエアブレーキも中途半端さでは似たようなものなので廃止してもいいと思う。 エアブレーキはウィングマウントでしかフライトモデルとして機能しない。 つまりボディマウントでは飾りにしかならずエアブレーキの効果はない。

Gear doors seem to be gone completely. Not sure why! 

Sort of a bummer for us non 3d gifted developers. =( 

Yes, it's gone along with the ability to attach misc.bodies to moving parts. 
This is a rather straightforward process of exporting stuff as obj 
and re-importing it as misc.objects, 
and fiddling a bit with the textures 
and perhaps the drag of other misc.bodies, etc.

Gear doors are a bit more involved 
and require knowledge of object animations.

Hi, I reported the missing gear door options as a bug
and got this reply by Ben Supnik:

"Intentional - Austin is dropping support for them."
"Discuss with Austin as needed - he wants everyone to use OBJs."

So unless we can convince Austin to put them back into Planemaker, 
they are gone forever.
For the drag of the doors you can use
the "additional gear flatplate area" in the gear data tab.

Austin's point with everyong going further and further
into complex 3d animated objects on aircraft. 
It just sucks for us little guys, 
the amateur plane developers who don't have 3d drafting suites 
or the artistic abilities to do full 3d plane bodies. 
All I wanted was a simple door that flaps when I open my landing gear. 
I know it wasn't perfect in V9, 
but it worked well enough to be retained for V10. 
Those that didn't use it, 
and prefered the 3d route are still able to pursue it.

At the same time, that little random mis-timing of the landing gears
to make them look like real hydraulics? 
Can we get a toggle box to turn that off and on? 
It really messes up some certain gear configurations. 

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