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フラッター問題が起きるときは flight models per frame を 2 or 3 にしてみるといい。 amount of velocity changes per frame が小さくなって具合よろし。 でもそのぶん CPU の仕事が増えるのでヒートアップする。 という解釈でよろしいのでしょうか。

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hardware configuration の stability-argument は most realistic な settings を狙いたい。 control-response (= sensitivity) は liner (0%) にしなくても 15% から 25% の non-liner なセッティングでよいと思う。 ほとんどのエアロバティック・プレーンは control-response に 25% あたりをおすすめしている。 Peter's Airbus は control-response に liner (0%) を必須として要求している。これは Peter's Airbus の設計が control-response = 0% を前提に調整しているからだと思われるので、指示に従うべき。

Flight Model

Settings / Operations & Warnings

flight models per frame: 1

1 is recommended.
2 or more may be needed
for very fast, light, small aircraft
if you are flying at low framerate!

The flight models per frame control is used
to double sample the simulator’s calculations
on the aircraft’s flight.

This is only needed when flying quick, light, small aircraft,
which may accelerate beyond the rate
at which X-Plane can keep up when running at a low frame rate.




Aerobatic flight needs a precise handle
but, attempting to repeat carefully aerobatics
will be useless if your hardware is not perfectly set.
So, here are some important advises
that will permit you to enjoy completely the aerobatic experience:

1- For a powerful, usable and realistic flight model,
set the joystick sensibility
in the «Settings/Joystick, Keys and Equipment» menu
to 25% on all linearity and stability cursors
(feel free to change this settings to your taste later).

2- To get a clean flight model cleaned from all disturbances
(aircraft bouncing on the ground for exemple),
it is also recommended to set
the «Settings/Operations and War- nings/Flight Model Per Frame» menu
to 2 or 3.

3- Do not forget to set
the «Settings/Rendering Options/Lateral Field of View»
between 70° and 90°.
THIS is very important
to have a wide and usable view on the instrument board
but also a good view on the outside to get a better spacial perception.
The success of aerobatics will be seriously enhanced by this setting!
Stay under 90° to minimize perspective deformations
that will change distances perception
(which is very disturbing in aerobatics).

X-Plane has a bad habit to keep some influence
from the last aircraft used before your flight.
This «ghost data» can generate an inaccurate
or unrecognizable flight model!
As aerobatics needs a lot of precision
(and the Sbach 300 may offer great capabilities),
it is essential to get a completely clean flight model.
To be sure to delete all this possible perturbations,
it is advised to load the SBach300 and then,
shut down and restart X-plane one time or twice.

ND's YAK-55M

Since most gaming joysticks are small with limited control throw
and the YAK-55M is equipped with extremly effective control surfaces,
it is recommended that
you fly with your sensitivity settings
set to non-linear for fine control.

DDenn's Extra300s

Recommended settings in the X-Plane’s
“Joystick & Equipment” menu is
“FULL-RIGHT for non linear”

Peter's A380

Aerodynamic Controls
Settings / Joystick & Equipment / CENTER
your hardware configuration should be set to 0%
in order to achieve most realistic results.
control-response: 0% for all
stability-argument: 0% for all

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