FS2XPlane by Marginal
MS FS Add-on Scenery converter for X-Plane



The following MSFS scenery data are simplified
and will need rework in X-Plane:

- Most "stock" MSFS objects are ignored.
- Animated (including "billboarded") objects are converted
  as static objects.
- Partially transparent colours are converted
  as fully transparent or opaque.
  (But transparent textures work fine).
- Many MSFS scenery packages supply ground-level textures
  (eg aprons and taxiways) as scenery objects
  on top of flattened terrain.
  This can lead to these textures "floating"
  above the ground in X-Plane.
  See below for one method of dealing with this.
- "Generic" MSFS buildings are not textured.

The following MSFS scenery data are discarded:

- FSX photoscenery.
- FSX jetways.
- FSX fences.
- Data that X-Plane does not understand,
  eg airspace boundaries.
- Terrain and landclass data.
- "Hard" surfaces above ground-level.
- Areas that make use of some of the more obscure
  pre-FS2002 BGL commands.

偽舗装面 'fake pavement' のお掃除

MSFS シーナリーデザイナーは偽の舗装面を平面なオブジェクトでつくり、本来の舗装面を隠すという奇妙なことをする。 そういうことをやっているようなシーナリーでは「隠されている本来の舗装面」が apt.dat にリストされない。 これはかなりうっとうしい問題です。OverlayEditor で「偽舗装面を構成しているオブジェクト」をすべて取り除きます。それから本来の舗装面を表へ出すために fullapt.dat の名前を apt.dat にします。

Sometimes the designer of a MSFS scenery package
chooses or is forced to hide some or all
of the pavement (aprons and taxiways)
and associated lights and lines;
the designer creates "fake" pavement
using scenery objects and polygons instead.

If the designer has hidden any pavement
then the hidden pavement will not be listed in apt.dat.
FS2XPlane creates an alternative file called fullapt.dat 
which contains all of the contents of apt.dat
plus the hidden pavement.

You can see what the hidden pavement look like
by renaming fullapt.dat as apt.dat
- sometimes they look better in X-Plane
than the designers' "fake" pavement.

But if you do this then you may need
to edit the converted package
to remove the scenery objects
and polygons that make up the "fake" pavement,
otherwise you may see duplicated
aprons, taxiways, lights and/or lines.


the MSFS scenery package だけではだめ。
any dependences も用意。

1. the MSFS scenery packages
     that you want to convert.
2. any additional MSFS scenery libraries
     that the package depends on.
     Copy .bgl files into FS2004/Addon Scenery/scenery/ 
3. the collection of texture files
     that the package depends on.
     Copy .bmp files into FS2004/Addon Scenery/texture/ 

You should install the MSFS scenery and any dependences.

Most packages require you to create a new folder
under the Addon Scenery folder
inside of your MSFS installation
and unzip the scenery package into the new folder.

Look for:
Whether the package depends on a scenery library.

Copy any dependences into:

~/FS2004/Addon Scenery/Scenery/
  additional MSFS scenery libraries (.bgl files)

~/FS2004/Addon Scenery/Texture/
  the collection of texture files (.bmp files)

シーナリーが exe ファイル! Windows 持ってない!

solution: CrossOver or Wine or Bootcamp or taking advantage of a friend's goodwill

FS2Xplane の実行は MacOSX でできる?

コンバートは Windows で行うとコンバート失敗物件が少ないようです。 Windows が使えるなら Windows でコンバートするほうが無難です。

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